Who we are

FreeRumble is the first Social Media in audio format.

You can record your thoughts, external noises, lectures, stories, jokes, interviews, intimate thoughts, etc. by choosing from a range of topics provided in a list.

In the voices topics: Pictures tell you and Video tell you, so blind people can look at a picture

FreeRumble is divided into five parts:

Rumblepedia: The Free Encyclopedia in mp3 format, to which everyone can contribute.

Rumblesecret: Through a nickname you can share your secret messages only with the person or persons to whom you give your password.

Channels: Listen to the recordings that others have included and create your own channel by uploading the files to your "Upload your Audio?

Upload your audio: through this section, upload audio files FOR "Listen" "Channels", "Rumblepedia" and "Rumblesecret."

Listen: Listen to all uploaded audio files